SugarInTime, Time Tracking for SugarCRM

Tonight I’ve begun development on SugarInTime, a SugarCRM Time Tracking software. I’ve noticed a lack of SugarCRM time-management solutions in the past, and I hope this software will fill the niche. I intend to release the software to SugarForge once it becomes beta-ish.

The final release will be available as an open-source solution, probably using some variant of the GPL. I won’t do much to support it, but will likely be available for professional services. That means no free support, but you can probably bribe me with to customize it for your business with money or pizza.

My intent is have this software very intuitive and easy to use for the system users. It will feature a task-list sidebar that is ever-available (expandable by neat YUI javascript, but out-of-the-way so a user can work) in the SugarUI, no matter what screen/module is being displayed.

SugarInTime Project Outline (flowchart)

SugarInTime Project Outline (flowchart)


4 Responses

  1. We have built a significant presence inside Sugar for order management as a media group and will be interested in your model when finished. Keep my email for announcements etc.

  2. Very cool – we need this capability asap

  3. I would be interested to find out when this is ready to go.

  4. Almost a year has passed. What happened to this module?

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